Parc, Bike, Smile !

We love to improve your city life.

Park, Bike and Smile!

We are developing E-hubs 2 Go! A place for which you can make a reservation to park your car and to rent a bike. Mobility at your service. Just in one app. And then you can smile, when you pass by all the others on your bike. While they are still looking for a parking place for their car, you are already loving your city life. So, Park your car, Bike to your destination and Smile to the people around you.

E-hubs : Connecting dots, creating space

We were already successful in the development of street e-hubs for citizens. In co-operation with the city of Amsterdam and other partners we developed in 2018 a business-case, which is now co-financed by the Metropol Region Amsterdam and by Interreg North West Europe. A Street-e-hub is a concept where citizens can ask the city council to create a place for shared e-bikes, e-cargo’s or e cars in their street. The city of Amsterdam facilitates this process as a step to make the city more liveable.

About us

The company COUNT & CREATE makes new business-cases to solve societal issues in a different way. This is an interesting approach as well for local governments as for profit and nonprofit organizations. We have experience about mobility as a service, changing behavior and analyzing data. We love to do our work in co-creation with citizens, cities, enterprises
and knowledge institutions.

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